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Organizational Support

The Virtual Global Nation

Planetary Management Systems, Inc.
Rational Data International, Inc.
Phone: (844) 897-8704 (USA)

The Virtual Global Nation is supported by a vast array of technologies that make it possible to exist. In today’s world, with ever increasing connectivity, complexity, systemic amplification, the need for early awareness and detection at a planetary level, necessitates that we need to meld governance with technology. The whole of the Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM) was designed to support both planetary governance and a Planetary Management System.

Nth Dimension, Inc. is a public benefit corporation that is a managerial organization, with oversight of the Rational Data Industry Model and group of companies. It got its name from a multi-dimensional view of reality that takes us to a place of acknowledging an ever-expansive reality, where one set of dimensions are in effect enfolded in another set of higher dimensions, finally taking us to what some would call the Divine, God or Source.

Rational Data, is a term that describes a reality where what seems “rational” continues to change as we move from the unreal to the real, the darkness to the light, from one level of perception to another and finally beyond perception itself, changing not only states of being, but our state of existence as well.

Rational Data International, Inc. wrote the Universal Solution Model (USM) and within USM the many classes of solution models, management systems, understanding models and flow & stream models that sit under the USM umbrella. Within this there is a Planetary Solution Model (PSM). The Planetary Solution Model defines a new way to manage our planet, a new form of government, and new technologies and the organizations, each of which are responsible for each of these pieces. The organizations generally fall into three types: international governmental organizations, public benefit corporations or not-for-profit entities.

Rational Data Corporation, provides a new hardware ecosystem and a new set of computing platforms that are directly integrated with the new layer in cyberspace. This provides for optimal safety, security and stability.

Rational Data Network, Inc. is responsible for the management and experience of this new layer, which is a full motion drive through information based form of cyberspace. The platform and the new layer support a new kind of voting, called issue centric voting (ICV), and a new form of government, a bottom-up, distributed democratic republic.

The Rational Data Industry Model (RDIM) - consists of over 40 organizations, defined as 2nd, 3rd and 4th ring companies that are purposed with specific roles in the overall picture. These roles are defined by the USM and then more specifically by the Planetary Solution Model with respect to planet Earth. Each organization in the RDIM is charged with the mission to carry out its function within this broad scaled architecture. The individual mission of each of these organizations plays a role in promoting and empowering the realization of higher states of being and existence, for the individual, the human species as well as other species, across the spectrum of sentient and non-sentient life.